Chaos is a lack of information. Success is a lack of pessimism. Solution: Succession

Companies represent values that include more than pure capital.

Recognizing, developing and realizing this value can be a big challenge.

An even bigger challenge is to find a suitable successor for your own company.

  • Are you looking for a successor or do you want to sell your company?
  • You stand before the succession in your own company – or you are currently working
    on it and notice how difficult the transition between the generations is?
  • You are still in the best entrepreneurial age, but want to deal with the topic early?

We will help you and take responsibility for the development and protection of your corporate values and the search for a suitable successor.
Werhausen AG itself is operated as a family business by two generations. The topic of generational change and aftercare we got to know from our own experience and we can draw from the perspectives.

We support the phase of the transition intensively, so that the company is not changed. Together with you, we value the purchase price and support you in your search for buyers or successors.

We are partners for both generations.

Since 1987 we value the highest effectiveness

Over 30 years experience
More than 350 satisfied customers

Are you ready to steer
your business
towards success?