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A crisis can hit any business. The reasons for this are diverse: Markets can change rapidly, especially through digitization.

The changed behavior of your customers, bad debts due to bankruptcy or loss projects have a negative effect on profitability and liquidity. Financial institutes, on the other hand, are having a harder time today “coming along” in times of crisis and granting necessary financing. In many cases it is a chain of several factors that lead to a crisis and bring a healthy company into a sometimes existentially threatening situation.

When companies are in crisis, it is often difficult for business owners to identify the exact cause and eliminate the mistakes in the business.

We know the challenges – but also the possibilities of a reorganization. We clarify the cause of the crisis, go through the crisis with you and develop new concepts for your company together with you. We dismiss the system errors that led to the crisis and engage in talks with banks and critical suppliers. In special cases, we also transit to the management board in order to overcome the crisis faster. We bring your company back on track.

After an initial interview, we will prepare an analysis to find out what factors caused the crisis. We offer you the following services:

  • Clarification of the cause of the crisis
  • Development of a strategic solution
  • Profitability calculations including planning calculations
  • Review of the financing structure

Always with the goal of working with you to find the right ways to gradually lead your business back on the road of success.
Always with the goal of becoming successful again together with you.

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