To run a successful business,
is a challenge.

We take responsibility

Since 1987, we at Werhausen AG have been supporting medium-sized companies as partners.

30 years of experience and over 350 satisfied customers are the indicator of a shared success. In our office in Dortmund, a team of experienced system developers, controllers and assistants ensures reliable performance and successful solutions. As a partner to our customers, we always see the individuals behind the numbers.Because we are firmly convinced that the core of success lies in the human factor.

In our work, we focus exclusively on owner-managed SMEs, the prevailing mechanisms here are very different from the successful methods of the corporate world and therefore offer a high potential for further development.

Our key to success:

  • Responsibility – for the entrepreneur, the employees and the company
  • Our development system, which has been able to create successful
    companies for more than 30 years.

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Development system and responsibility are the keys to success.


We take the responsibility for your success and let us measure it.


We see ourselves as architects of your future company


We believe that creativity and excellence are based on diversity, fairness and equal chances.



Nicole Werhausen

“I want to make a difference in a company – not theoretically but practically.”

After studying at the TU Dortmund and the RWTH Aachen and several years in corporations, Nicole Werhausen went back to Hamm in 2010 to join Werhausen AG as a developer. This path was not predetermined as part of a classic succession – but resulted from the growing recognition that there is enormous potential in every company if it is only built up properly.

After a few years in which she has changed a lot not only among the customers, but also in her own company, she was asked by Wolfgang Werhausen to move up to the board. Since then, she has been constantly working on the further expansion of her own company, pushing the topic of digitalization forward, and the company’s relocation to Dortmund in 2015 was another step in the direction of growth.

“I know that with our development system, we build successful companies that are successful in the future. I am proud of the changes we are making in companies – no matter how big the challenges. When asked what we do, I always say, following Charles Dickens’ Christmas story, “See us as the spirit of your future enterprise. We do everything to ensure that the company is successful in the future. Together with the people in the companies.

And we guarantee that.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Wolfgang Werhausen

“Companies do not need consultations – they need partners with whom they can come to the top together”

After classical training as a businessman and several years of professional experience in the personnel area, to a large extent as human resources manager for up to 700 employees, Wolfgang Werhausen was able to collect sustainable restructuring experience in connection with the restructuring of a cooperative bank. On this basis and with the realization that “employee work” is not strategically operated in the companies, in 1987 he started his own business. His motivation is to systematically exploit the potentials that dormant in the human factor for corporate development. This has created a developmental system for companies that allows them to progressively tap into human limitations. This development system is still the basis for the work of Werhausen AG.

“As a result, there are amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs and employees willing to work.

It’s never work, it’s vocation to develop a business. “

Since 1987 we value the highest effectiveness

Over 30 years experience
More than 350 satisfied customers

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